Kroger staffers an island asset

THE ISLAND PACKET - Letter to the Editor
Mostly everyone has experienced a dead battery in their car at one time or another. After completing my weekly shopping at Hilton Head Island's new Kroger, the same happened to me.
I returned to the store in an attempt to seek assistance. With no time wasted, I was helped by several store employees. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Chantel, Wanda, Rob, Dre, and Kamien. Because of their kind and thoughtful actions and their willingness to help, I was able to get my car started, get my groceries home and into the refrigerator and get my car to the dealer for a new battery all in a very timely manner.
I was even reassured that if any of my groceries spoiled in the process, Kroger would be happy to replace them. I am grateful to have access to such a lovely store with customer-friendly employees. Many thanks to Kroger and its employees for what I am calling Kroger kindness.

Barbara Lagomarsino

Hilton Head Island

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